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Future with Paideya

The current realities indicate that academic education does not respond to development of innovative thinking.In this rapidly changing context, governments need a skilled workforce that provides the human capital necessary to prosper in a modern economy. Our programs focus on developing young people's technical, soft skills, and English language skills so they can find employment, provide for themselves and their families, and become more engaged members of society. Our programs strengthen traditional higher education structures while encouraging the private sector to play a larger role in shaping education programming.

Paideya Project was developed to create a mechanism for interaction between schools, universities and the business community
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Working together

Only by working together, we could make planet a better place


Our project needs both financial and informational support. Help to make education better!

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Our ideology



Innovation is our key guiding principle. We cannot improve the world without the use of new approaches.


Our projects are practically realizable and are aimed at the real solution of problems.

Ecological compatibility

All projects developed within the framework of ``Paideya`` should reflect the best notions of a Green economy.