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“Nobody becomes a good person accidentally. ”


Who we are

Why do we have such a strange company name?
Long story short, paideia is a Plato’s concept of what a perfect school should be like. Inspired by his idea, we’ve decided to run up our own project but with one and very important change in its name. We added “ya” what means “I am” in Russian to spotlights our idea that education should be deeply personalized and innovative at the same time.

Paideya is a non-profit project.

Our main aims are:

  1. Development of innovative thinking of youngsters
  2. Increasement of affordability of education by organising free and easily available events and programs
  3. Enhancing of international cooperation: as in cultural, as in educational ways
  4. Spotlighting people’s attention to core problems of today’s society as misunderstanding, ecological problems, social inequality

Our features

Paideya combines different projects from multiple spheres of innovative education. Our educational methodology can be applied to various levels of education on the scale K-12 to College and University levels.

Paideya was started as an educational initiative on June 2016 and is continued to be one of the leading projects in Russia based on the Problem-Project-Based Learning model developed by project founders.

Paideya was founded by a group of students who were not satisfied with educational system as a whole. Despite the young age of our volunteers and managers – all of us are between 19 and 25 years old, we have already managed to organise several huge educational events, such as exchange programs.

Our team

People who work on projects.

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